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Milky Cuddles: Before She Was Born

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Before She Was Born

My darling girl,

You’re 22 weeks now and growing everyday. I often feel you dancing inside me and that gives me so much joy. It’s like you’re just saying hello, reminding me you are there. You’ve kicked daddy a few times too and he loves it, his face lights up with love. You are extremely active and very healthy. We saw you on the scan and saw how beautifully and wonderfully made you are. You are still small, probably the size of an eggplant but already you are perfectly formed with facial features and 10 fingers and 10 toes.

We so much want to meet you, to see your cute little face and hold your soft skin. I always imagine you as our daughter, growing up kind and strong. I can see you taking your first steps, reaching up to hold my hand. I can see you riding high on daddy’s shoulders. Your daddy and I love you so so much, and we will love you all the days of our lives. When you arrive you’ll know my smell and my heartbeat – you’re the only one who has heard it from the inside. And you will know daddy’s voice because he has been reading to you, at night as we get into bed.

God has placed you in a beautiful world and a loving home and family. He has created you as a gift for us, our special treasure. It amazes me how He made you – the absolute miracle of creation. You were created by God but out of a love that is so warm and so close. I promise that as you grow we will show you this love, create a home for you that is warm and safe and protect you and guide you and never give up on you. We’ll teach you and help you and hold you when you cry. And we will pray for you, as we’ve been doing since before you were conceived. We prayed for your protection, when you were smaller than a grain of sand and so fragile and vulnerable. And God answered because now you are healthy and strong.

My darling, you are only beginning the long journey of life – it is a wonderful journey. What a joy it is that you are about to become part of our journey. Little treasure, we love you.

20 week ultrasound



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